Systems & KPI's

As the founder of modern management, Peter Drucker, once said, “What gets measured gets improved.” Without a set of sales KPIs and an effective system to track and monitor them, a sales team is operating without knowing where the goal posts are.

Forward Focus

Every business is different. There’s no one set of KPIs that works for everyone. However, there are a few rules that companies can use to help them select the right ones for them. We even offer our Ultimate Strategic Planning Guide to get you started for success. Unlock Now

Don't focus only on lagging indicators

Lagging indicators consists of output or outcome metrics, such as month to date revenue, profit, and deals won, labor cost per unit (no); essentially anything that is a result.

Do incorporate leading indicators

While lagging KPIs are necessary, they have some limitations. It’s why they are often paired with leading indicators, which are behavioral measures.

Don't have too many KPIs

While it’s tempting to track everything, it can lead to confusion. The more KPIs you have, the more difficult it is for your staff to know which to prioritise.

Do make it easy to understand what success looks like

When setting KPIs, keep it simple. Less often leads to more. For example, focus primarily on four KPIs:

  1. Discovery meetings this week.
  2. Proposals presented this week.
  3. Discovery meetings booked for the week ahead.
  4. Proposals booked for the week ahead.
Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24- hour days. –Zig Ziglar

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