Sales Analysis

We add science into selling.  This gives us sales tools that have been independently audited confirming they have 95% predictive validity.  Which means we can predict how sales people will behave and identify their strengths and areas of opportunities.  We can even predict if is  worth investing in them at all or if they are coachable and teachable.  You wouldn't trust a doctor who gave you a prescription before carefully assessing your situation.  Yet we do this in sales all the time. Mainly because CEO's and managers don't know how effective their sales teams are.  A sales analysis is not something to be done half-heartedly. Failing to run an adequate analysis could see you implementing solutions that simply don’t work—costing precious time, energy and resources of your company.

Sales Plan

After completing a sales analysis, you should have a good understanding of what’s working and not working for your sales team and your business at large.You should also have a good idea of your team’s capabilities and whether you have the people you need to carry out your strategic goals. A good sales plan should map where your current revenue is coming from and what future channels to strategically target in order to reach your growth goals.

Sales Process

For growing companies, not having the right sales process can cause a lot of havoc. For fast-growth companies, it can spell certain doom since there’s no accurate way to predict where their next sale—and therefore paycheck—will come from. A solid sales process can fix all that. However, not any old process will do: you need to tailor it to your business and customer. Calling upon your top salespeople to help develop the sales process can help you understand what best practice looks like. However, it’s just as important to talk to all of your team to get an understanding of what doesn’t work. Moreover, in helping to develop the sales process, they buy into it, are more likely to follow it and, as a result, become more effective. This all leads to consistent results and shorter sales cycles.

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