About Us

We add science to selling, we are the local distributor for Objective Management Group(OMG).  OMG has assessed over 1.8 Million sales people from over 13,000 businesses across the globe. This gives us sales tools that have been independently audited confirming they have 95% predictive validity.  Which means we can predict how sales people will behave and identify their strengths and blindspots.  We can even predict if is worth investing in them at all or if they are coachable and teachable. In addition to this we are able to give you an inside look at their psychological make up and their mindset.  You can show a sales person 100 different ways to close but if they have certain self-limiting beliefs or other psychological weaknesses they simply will not be able to execute what you teach them. Also unique to us is the quality of our trainers.  

Sales Bullpen is a Sales Star global partner, giving your team access to systems, training, and on demand learning. Every single one of our faculty and advisors are experts in the areas we specialize in. Whether that be sales, sales leadership, or strategy. There are no theorists among us and we can relate to your staff having been in their shoes. Training is the most visible part of what we do but we are not a training company but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes such as our strategy session.  Working on your company strategy, your sales strategy, and your leadership team to make sure our strategy works in the first place.  Training is just one part of what helps you achieve a result. On top of all of this is the way we engage our clients.  We do not believe in one-off training that does not achieve lasting results.  We engage long-term with our partners. 

Our Founder

Craig Eggleton brings over 20 years of real world sales and sales leadership success to our clients. Starting as an entry-level sales rep for a fortune 50 global brand he quickly rose through the ranks earning recognition for his elite results. Those sales results led him to be selected to run sales teams throughout the US. During this time he has built teams from scratch and overhauled underperforming divisions. The one lesson that always holds true is great companies are built with great people. Sales Bullpen was founded on a simple premise, improve the health of each organization’s sales team one sales person at a time. 

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